Staff & Leaders (Page 2)

Staff & Leaders (Page 2)

Karissa Ballard

Karissa Ballard is our invaluable Office Manager. She is our primary scheduler, archivist, bookkeeper, contact reference and jack–of–all–trades. She knows what to do, who can do it, where it’s kept, what needs fixing and anything else you can think of.

Dave Gorman

Dave Gorman has been a member of the Pikes Peak congregation since 1993. He served as a deacon for many years, overseeing our Education Program and then working with our Youth Activities ministry. Dave has served the Pikes Peak family as an Elder since 2015. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University, and presently works with Monument Valley Engineers, Inc. as Project Engineer and Vice–President. Dave and his wife Debra have two children.

Flo Mata

Flo Mata assists our Elders with Member Services. It’s critical that we take care of one another — benevolence, transportation to the doctor and other appointments, and almost every imaginable need. Flo and Marcia have been members of our Pikes Peak family since 2019.
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