Staff & Leaders

Staff & Leaders

Flo Mata

Florencio Mata Jr. nicknamed ‘Flo”, was born in McAllen, Texas and while in high school his family relocated to California where he graduated in 1966.  He met and married Marcia Priest while attending San Jose State University.  While worshiping at the local Church of Christ, Flo was baptized in 1968.  Flo continued his studies in Geophysics and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Flo and Marcia moved to Colorado Springs in 2019 and became members at Pikes…

Jim Follis

Jim Follis has a heart for Missions. He and his wife Susan have moved about the country in recent years but have always returned to Colorado Springs and our Pikes Peak family.

Glenn Ramsey

Glenn Ramsey also served as one of our Elders until recent years. He now works with Missions, especially our involvement with the World Bible School and the great work we are doing in Nigeria. He and his wife Redempta have been members of our Pikes Peak family since 2009.

Dallas Durham

Dallas Durham works with our Young Families and Military. The Army and Air Force bring us the best families (but just for a little while!). We place great emphasis on putting these families to work and drawing them close into our fellowship. Dallas and his family have been members since 2021.

Joe Costello

Joe Costello works in Youth Activities and helps mentor our kids for a fruitful life in the Lord. He and his wife Jill with their two boys have been members of our Pikes Peak family since 2020.

Brent McGuire

Brent McGuire takes all actions necessary to provide a safe and secure environment for worship and other congregational activities.  Brent and his wife Vicki have been a part of the Pikes Peak church since 2001.

Mark McClurg

Mark McClurg plays a special role in the area of Infrastructure — building renovations and improvements and valuable counsel in all areas impacting our long range plans. He and his wife Susie have been members of our Pikes Peak family since 2003.

Joe Church

Joe Church serves in the areas of Budget and Planning. Joe and his wife Dana have been members of the Pikes Peak family since 2009.
Preaching Minister

Grady Miller

Grady Miller has preached for the Pikes Peak church since March 2001. He and his wife Darleen are blessed to live in Colorado Springs and work with this loving and supportive congregation. Grady has more than fifty years of experience in local ministry.
Education Minister

Kevin Ballard

Kevin Ballard is the Pikes Peak Education Minister, keeping the congregation’s education program vibrant and relevant; organizes all Sunday School and Wednesday night classes, Ladies’ Bible Class and Vacation Bible School.  He and his wife Kelly make a profound impact in every area of service.  Kevin has been involved in local preaching ministries for over thirty years.

Karissa Ballard

Karissa Ballard is our invaluable Office Manager. She is our primary scheduler, archivist, bookkeeper, contact reference and jack–of–all–trades. She knows what to do, who can do it, where it’s kept, what needs fixing and anything else you can think of.

Dave Gorman

Dave Gorman has been a member of the Pikes Peak congregation since 1993. He served as a deacon for many years, overseeing our Education Program and then working with our Youth Activities ministry. Dave has served the Pikes Peak family as an Elder since 2015. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University, and presently works with Monument Valley Engineers, Inc. as Project Engineer and Vice–President. Dave and his wife Debra have two children.
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