Cadet Sponsorship

Cadet Sponsorship

Sponsoring a Cadet – Okay, But What’s In It For Me?

We’re blessed to live in Colorado Springs for a lot of reasons – beautiful scenery, nice weather, and outdoor activities galore. But have you ever thought that an Air Force Academy Cadets could be a blessing too? Well, if you become a sponsor of an Academy Cadet, chances are you’d feel even more blessed than you already do.


Sponsoring a Cadet is a little like an adoption. You and your children become a surrogate family for a young man or woman far from home. You’ll not only enjoy the energy, fun, and deepening relationship a Cadet will bring to your home, but you’ll soon find your cadet has adopted you too. Cadets are well cared for at the Academy but dorm rooms, cafeterias, and classrooms cannot compare with a warm home, a loving family, and a home-cooked meal.

But the most important element of being a Cadet sponsor is you’ll be helping a young Christian keep their faith alive. As important as your family and your home will be to your Cadet, helping them worship regularly is the greatest gift to your Cadet (and service to God) that you can provide. Study after study prove that Christians often stop worshipping, and, in some cases, leave the church entirely, after a change in location, job, or support structure. Cadets are away from that support structure of home and family for the first time in their lives and the conditions are ripe for drifting away from the Lord’s church. How wonderful then, to be such a vital part of a Cadet’s, and a young Christian’s, spiritual life. What’s in it for me? Answer – LOTS!