Youth Programs

Youth Programs

The purpose of the Pikes Peak Church of Christ youth ministry is to Shine His Light and Share His Word by helping our teens BECOME, CONNECT and SERVE.

Through classes, devotionals, worship, and other teaching opportunities we hope to help our teens BECOME the Christian young people God wants them to be.

Through activities, recreation and entertainment opportunities we hope to help our teens CONNECT with each other as friends and, more importantly, as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Through service projects we hope to provide the opportunity to SERVE so that our young people will experience the importance of the servant heart demonstrated by our Lord.

Our youth take an active role in worship

We help each young man reach his potential for leading the congregation’s worship.

  • Start Young!!
  • “The Blue-Card Boys” ages 4 – 11 collect visitor cards at the end of each service.
  • Young men in Christ read the scriptures, lead prayer, serve the Lord’s Supper and lead the singing in our worship (Parents help their children prepare for their role in worship and to dress appropriately.)


Our youth group sit together during worship services. They build close bonds of friendship and fellowship by worshiping together. The older teens set a positive example among their peers and in the congregation.