The Pikes Peak region is home to four major military bases — the United States Air Force Academy, Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base and Schriever Air Force Base. We are blessed to have Service Members from across our country and around the world as a part of our congregation at Pikes Peak.  Many Service Members are with us for only a few years but many choose to make Colorado Springs and the church at Pikes Peak their home.  The significant military and veteran influence in our congregation brings a positive fellowship dynamic that draws from Christian experiences in the Lord's Church from all across the globe.Military2

With the Air Force Academy as a neighbor just to our north, we love to welcome Cadets and Soldiers to our Pikes Peak family. Though only here for the duration of their stay at the Academy, they quickly become 'adopted' in to the body and a vital part of our congregation. They add sweetness (youthful energy?) and depth to our worship and fellowship. They are given opportunities to work with us, shoulder–to–shoulder in the name of our Lord. They are challenged to grow in faith and service right along with the rest of us.

We take great pride and joy in those men and women who are with us for a few years, knowing they will soon be on their way to serve our country in other places. We want them to be strengthened and better equipped for lifelong service in the Lord’s kingdom. To that end, we challenge them to be more than Pikes Peak spectators, but participants in our work and worship.

Our deployed soldiers know there is a caring, loving church family keeping an eye on their loved ones while they are far away. At Pikes Peak, we consider that our patriotic duty, and our Christian privilege.


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