1920 Small group begins meeting at the Women’s Christian Temperance Union Hall in the 2500 Block of Colorado Avenue; soon this group constructed the congregation’s first facilities at 1917 W. Pikes Peak Ave.

Pikes Peak Ave church of Christ building circa 1940
Circa 1940

 1938 The church outgrows the facilities and purchases the property at our current location

 1943 The worship assembly numbers nearly 300 and ministers to soldiers at Fort Carson and Peterson Field

 1961 Congregation begins supporting mission work in Spain

 1962-1965 The church’s facilities are remodeled

Pikes Peak church of Christ building today
Today's Church Building

 1964 We begin support of the New Mexico Navajo Missions; that support continues today!

 1968 The church begins supporting the Mountain States Children’s Home

 1973 Congregation begins supporting mission works in India

 1998 Fifteen members begin teaching World Bible School, placing the gospel in the hands of over 20,000 people in 15 years

Gospel Preachers who have served the Pikes Peak church of Christ

Crews, Evans, Spears, Atcheson and Waldrun, 1920-1933
M.M. Young, 1933
Felix Tarbert, 1934, 1950
Ted McElroy, 1940-41
J.D. Taylor, 1942-43
Maurice Meredith 1943-44
Vernice Gilbert 1944-47
Glen Green, 1951-56
Homer Wolfe, 1958-59
Don Woods, 1959-60
Ray Wright, 1961
Capt Ratcliff, 1962
Sidney Ellis, 1963-69
Lyn Thornton, 1970
Ernest Boone, 1971-82
Ron Carter, 1982-98
Jack Carter, 1985-89
Jerry Kendall, 1998-2000
Grady Miller, 2001-Present

Kevin Ballard,

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